Medium data

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Unless otherwise stated, sterilize media by autoclaving at 121°C for 15 min.


KH2PO4  0.28    g
NaNO3  0.12    g
Sodium thioglycolate  0.05    g
Sodium tartrate  0.37    g
Sodium succinate  0.37    g
Sodium acetate  0.05    g
Trace vitamins (see Medium No. 197)  10.0     ml
Ferric quinate solution (see below)  2.0     ml
Mineral salt solution (see Medium No. 304)  1.0     ml
Distilled water  1.0     L
Adjust pH to 6.75 with NaOH.
Ferric quinate solution:
FeCl3·6H2O  0.45    g
Quinic acid  0.19    g
Distilled water  100.0     ml
Dissolve and autoclave at 121C for 15 min.
Comment: For strain JCM 21281, good growth can be obtained in semisolid medium (1.0 g/L agar).