Medium data

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Unless otherwise stated, sterilize media by autoclaving at 121°C for 15 min.


NH4Cl  0.33    g
KH2PO4  0.33    g
KCl  0.33    g
CaCl2·2H2O  0.33    g
MgCl2·6H2O  0.33    g
Trace element solution (see Medium No. 899)  1.0     ml
Trace vitamins (see Medium No. 197)  10.0     ml
Glucose  2.0     g
Yeast extract (Oxoid)  0.1     g
Trypticase peptone (BD-BBL)  0.5     g
Archaeal culture filtrate (see below)  10.0     ml
Resazurin  1.0     mg
Distilled water  1.0     L
Mix components thoroughly, adjust pH to 6.0 and autoclave under a N2 gas atmosphere. Before inoculation, add per liter the following solution (autoclaved and stored under a N2 gas atmosphere):
5% Na2S·9H2O solution (neutralized)  6.0     ml
Archaeal culture filtrate:
Cultivate Desulfurococcus kamchatkensis strain 1221n (=JCM 16383) in the above described medium supplemented with 0.6 g/L (final) yeast extract (without the archaeal culture filtrate). After three days of the cultivation, filtrate the grown culture with 0.22 µm (pore size) filter.
Comment: For cultivation of JCM 19810, increase amount of yeast extract to 1.0 g/L. Growth may be affected by quality of yeast extract.

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