Yeast strains with specific characteristics
  List of JCM strains with specific characteristics will be generated according to the requested one(s) presented below that were tested according to The Yeasts, a taxonomic study 5th edn (Elsevier). The results were scored as either positive (yellow-colored, including strongly, delayed, latent and slowly positive) or weakly positive (grey-colored).
Galactose Sucrose Maltose Lactose Raffinose
Trehalose Cellobiose D-Xylose Methyl-α-D-glucoside Melezitose
 Growth reactions and other characteristics
at 37°C on 50% Glucose on 60% Glucose in 10% NaCl in 16% NaCl
Hexadecane Decane Gelatin liquefaction   
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 Japanese origin  Type strain  Genome sequence
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