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Wink, J. M., Kroppenstedt, R. M., Ganguli, B. N., Nadkarni, S. R., Schumann, P., Seibert, G. and Stackebrandt, E.
Three new antibiotic producing species of the genus Amycolatopsis, Amycolatopsis balhimycina sp. nov., A. tolypomycina sp. nov., A. vancoresmycina sp. nov., and description of Amycolatopsis keratiniphila subsp. keratiniphila subsp. nov. and A. keratiniphila subsp. nogabecina subsp. nov.
Syst. Appl. Microbiol. 26: 38-46, 2003.
PMID: 12747408.
DOI: 10.1078/072320203322337290.

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