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Smith, D. R., Doucette-Stamm, L. A., Deloughery, C., Lee, H., Dubois, J., Aldredge, T., Bashirzadeh, R., Blakely, D., Cook, R., Gilbert, K., Harrison, D., Hoang, L., Keagle, P., Lumm, W., Pothier, B., Qiu, D., Spadafora, R., Vicaire, R., Wang, Y., Wierzbowski, J., Gibson, R., Jiwani, N., Caruso, A., Bush, D., Safer, H., Patwell, D., Prabhakar, S., McDougall, S., Shimer, G., Goyal, A., Pietrokovski, S., Church, G. M., Daniels, C. J., Mao, J.-I., Rice, P., Nölling, J. and Reeve, J. N.
Complete genome sequence of Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum ΔH: functional analysis and comparative genomics.
J. Bacteriol. 179: 7135-7155, 1997.
PMID: 9371463.

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