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Gerritsen, J., Fuentes, S., Grievink, W., van Niftrik, L., Tindall, B. J., Timmerman, H. M., Rijkers, G. T. and Smidt, H.
Characterization of Romboutsia ilealis gen. nov., sp. nov., isolated from the gastro-intestinal tract of a rat, and proposal for the reclassification of five closely related members of the genus Clostridium into the genera Romboutsia gen. nov., Intestinibacter gen. nov., Terrisporobacter gen. nov. and Asaccharospora gen. nov.
Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 64: 1600-1616, 2014.
PMID: 24480908.
DOI: 10.1099/ijs.0.059543-0.

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