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MALDI-TOF MS reference library of various microbial strains
under the NBRP Fundamental Technology Upgrading Program
JCM, IFM, and GTC* established a new MALDI-TOF MS reference library ‘EMALiMB’ (Expanded MALDI-TOF MS Library for MALDI Biotyper®) for various microbial strains.
You can download the reference data file via the link below and import it in the software. The microbial strains used in this project are available from JCM, IFM, and GTC, respectively.
EMALiMB_NBRP_Library_ver2.0 provides ca. 1,300 data of the JCM + IFM strains (eukaryotic microbes) and ca. 400 data of the GTC strains (prokaryotes). The .btmsp files for each taxon can be also downloaded from the links below. We will provide additional data in later versions of the library.
This project was supported by the FY2020-2021 Fundamental Technology Upgrading Program of National BioResource Project (NBRP) of the MEXT, Japan.

* JCM: Japan Collection of Microorganisms, RIKEN BioResource Research Center
IFM: Medical Mycology Research Center, Chiba University
GTC: Center for Conservation of Microbial Genetic Resource, Gifu University

[EMALiMB_NBRP_Library ver2.0 (updated on Feb. 27, 2023) ] 1,737 MSPs
[Download .btmsp file]

[EMALiMB_NBRP_Library_ver2.0_Ascomycota] 923 MSPs [EMALiMB_NBRP_Library_ver2.0_Basidiomycota] 410 MSPs [EMALiMB_NBRP_Library_ver2.0_Bacteria] 390 MSPs [EMALiMB_NBRP_Library_ver2.0_Prototheca] 14 MSPs
[Download .btmsp files for each taxon]

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